the heart is calling ~ the adventure is now.

Hello. I’m Kris Moon,  Yoga + Meditation Teacher, Writer & Open Adoption Advocate.

Welcome to my online presence. The invitation is to practice being here now.

Feeling what we feel & not judging it.  Relaxing into our more natural rhythms & returning to our truest Nature. One step at a time, as we pay attention on purpose, we open our hearts to all of it.

Through ancient techniques based in the science of Yoga and the contemplative practice of Meditation, I offer you simple tools to better navigate the path of whole-hearted living.  My personal mission is to let go and be brave. Remembering that we’re all in this together, we are one; you’re welcome to join me.

As a Korean adoptee, I believe in the power of sharing stories as a way to reunite & heal. I’m in awe at the intersection of science & spirituality, and I love exploring what it means to be a human being.  I’m inspired by real life examples of resilience, and I’m deeply curious of ways to transform our experiences.  I teach what I’ve ‘me’ searched, self testing what’s been researched, and share the mind/body practices I’ve found to be most helpful.

Turns out I’ve got a story to share, a vision for our future & tools to reunite us all.

Thanks for visiting. I’m so glad you’re here.

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