Contemplation on the Majesty of Simplicity

A Spring Morning in Magictown

A Spring Morning in Magictown

This morning I’ve watched the morning fog stream its way over the French Broad River and through the Blue Ridge Mountains where I live.


This morning I watched the chickens forage for food along the mountainside, and then lay low together in the shade.


I cooked an egg and spread it over a bed of greens grown by my friend who is a farmer.


I listened to Lobo Marino’s latest album, singing along as an offering to the life that was waking up all around me, and inside of me.


I kissed my best friend goodbye and wished him well on his first bicycle ride to work at the local newspaper.


The spark of a promise to seize the day lights up my morning here in Magictown.


Soon I will prepare for today’s classes.


And for now, I will continue to contemplate the majesty of a simple life.


There once was a time when I thought simplicity was a bore.  Life was seen as a chore instead of an opportunity to experiment.


To me, my daily practice of mindful yoga and vipassana meditation help me to wake up and see the beauty of what a simple and honest day could be.


In just a couple months it will be 1 year since we left our city grinds behind and chose to experiment with a slower, simpler life more closely connected to our hearts and Nature.  Our hypothesis was a higher-quality of life.


This morning the quality of life reached a staggeringly splendid height.  I’m most certain the majesty is available to all.  I’m also confident that my experience of it continues to be fleeting.  So I continue along this path of peace and union, trusting in the flame’s moments of steadiness.  One step at a time I am reminded.  And not to forget to cherish these majestic moments of simplicity as they are offered.


Now it’s time to return to the marketplace.  Chop chop my fellow seekers.  If you’d like, I invite you to experiment with seeing the greatness in the routine of today’s to-do’s.


Here is a simple way to connect to the majesty of the moment, wherever you are:


Pause for a moment.

Be with the sensation of breath filling the body.

Be with the sensation of breath emptying the body.

Enjoy the splendor of simply breathing.



Kris Moon



Slow Down & Enjoy – Practice Tea Meditation



Drinking hot beverages is a great way to warm from within during the colder, darker winter months.  I really enjoy hot tea, and like to think of it as a jacket for my insides.  Aside from the practical benefits of drinking tea, the pace at which we sip it and how we attend to it can offer us a lovely opportunity to practice mindfulness.


As the temps dip low again this week, try taking a break from whatever it is you are doing,  maybe once or even twice a day,  and practice slowly sipping a warm beverage, maybe tea.  If it is tea, try a simple ginger tea to help stimulate slow digestion, a sure sign of the season.


As you slowly sip your tea, simply be where you are, paying attention to what you are doing.  Use your senses to take it all in, one moment at a time.  Feel the warm moisture on your skin and smell the tea’s aroma.  Taste the flavors on your tongue.  Take the time to notice what you are experiencing through your sense faculties.  Notice any inner commentary, but let the narration of what is taking place fade into the background, and let what is happening right now take center stage.  When the mind wanders into the future or is pulled back into the past, gently but firmly guide your attention back to the present.  Simply watch as you enjoy your cup of tea.


Give it a go and then you’ll know.  If you benefit from the practice, it’s yours to keep.