Moon Mountain Home aka Reality House – Magictown, USA

When Paul and I moved to Western North Carolina it was with a dream to one day create a retreat center, which we named Moon Mountain Retreat.  For now we are renting this beautiful home that I have become fond of calling Moon Mountain Home, a reminder of why we came here.  My dreams feel supported in what is actually named the ‘Reality House.’  The homeowners, Lee Ann and Tony, also a professional poet and actor, explained how they didn’t want to have a dream house when they could have a real one.  Well Paul and I are certainly glad they do and that we have the good fortune of calling it our home, too.


Feel free to follow me on Instagram, where you can see more photos like these.  I’m also attempting to do a ‘365 project’ where I take 1 moment each day for a year to be where I am and notice the now.  I’m using the hashtags #365moments and #beherenow if you feel inspired to join me.  I mean, I may not even make it through all 365 days, and that’s okay.  One day at a time friends.  In fact, one moment at a time really.


Peace xo,

Kris Moon