It has been my blessing and healing to be guided by Kris. She creates a loving, kind environment of deep understanding, in which there’s place for just being myself. 

Kris has the talent to tune into the deeper energy of what my soul needs at that time. I always feel deeply rested, connected to myself and peaceful after our session. 
I particularly appreciated her very mindful listening skills. I could just talk and she would always reflect back on what I said in a very insightful way, that offered me immediate new reflections. 
Her words, poems and voice during our private restorative yoga sessions were always tuned into what I needed the most at that time, offering me strength and stability as well as letting go and arriving back at that lovely feeling that “all is well, I am okay, just the way it is now, even if it’s not perfect”. 
I am deeply grateful and blessed to have met Kris and work with her as my teacher and coach! She even helped my business evolve in such a way that it makes me super happy while making money and fulfilling my soul’s mission:).

Kris is an experienced teacher and coach that is constantly evolving on her path, experimenting with healing the same ‘shit’ that hits us all. What I truly adore and admire is how she finds just the right balance between sharing her own processes to help me grow while feeling I am not alone, with making our whole 1 1/2 hour session all about me and what’s going on in my self and life. I just loved this “guided me-time”. – Sharon V. 

Kris was amazing – welcoming, organized, took plenty of time to describe techniques & answer questions, peaceful, authentic.  Really valuable workshop!  – Ann C. 

I sought Kris’s help with yoga for injury prevention and endurance because I do several action sports. I’ve long known that yoga is the best way to prevent injuries (extreme athletes increasingly do yoga, and that should tell you something). But I thought I didn’t have the time for individualized instruction. With Kris’s remote sessions, I do weekly, personal instruction in less time than it would take to get to and from a yoga class. And rather than video classes online only (which are great as a supplement), her personal instruction allows us to work the problem, physical areas for more targeted results.
I’m grateful for her every day, and only wish that I had found her sooner.  – Bryan M. 

To add some flexibility and a new dimension to my workout routine I recently started yoga classes with Kris.  She is extremely patient with beginners, customizes her instructions, and makes learning a new practice fun!  – Jeff M.  

Knowing I was not flexible, I took my first sunrise yoga practice on the rooftop of the Trump Tower in Chicago as a novelty.  After the first session I was hooked.  In fact, I would get up at 4am and commute 40 miles for a 6am session with Kris.  She is kind, patient, incredibly skilled and completely dedicated to her craft.  After one year of studying with Kris, my flexibility, strength, patience and mentality have improved significantly.  Even my golf game has seen improvements because of Kris.  She is a wonderful person with a sparkling personality and good heart.  – Jerry B.  

Hi Kris, I wanted to let you know how much your coaching has helped me.  When we started I had just had surgery on my knee and of course arthritis in both knees.  I had physical therapy but was still in a lot of pain.  I always loved yoga so I decided to take private lessons.  When we started I was weak and could hardly walk a block without severe pain.  Today I am almost pain free and much stronger.  I walk all over the city.  I owe this to the fact that we started slow always building strength in my legs.  Whenever you said it’s time to grow great, I knew we were moving to the next level and it was going to get harder.  I was always ready to move to the next level.  Thanks for being a great coach.  – Janet B. 

Kris is the yoga instructor who made me enjoy yoga and develop a consistent practice.  I had tried yoga classes before I began going to Kris’s classes, but in those other classes I was not sure of where the various parts of my body were supposed to be in various poses.  I did not feel as if I was doing the poses correctly.  However, in Kris’s classes, she clearly and with great detail articulates how you should be positioned.  She demonstrates each pose and continuously gives you reminders.  Even when I am in classes being taught by other instructors, I can “hear” Kris reminding me to relax my shoulders, to soften my jaw, or to engage my core (just to name a few examples).  Kris is great at giving modifications.  She keeps classes moving smoothly even when we have people in class who do not practice regularly or who are not that physically capable.  Kris is very personable and approachable.  At the end of every class, she invites you to ask questions and give her feedback.  Kris is also very encouraging.  I am a Type A Personality, so it is nearly impossible for me to relax.  Kris’s classes totally relax me, and her soothing voice actually makes me fall asleep during savasana.  I am sad that Kris will no longer be one of my regular instructors, but I am glad she will be able to share her considerable skills as a yoga instructor with another group of yoginis and yogis. – Doressia H. 

Coming in with no yoga practice beforehand, I am tremendously thankful to have built a practice under her guidance.  The balance of effort and ease Kris consistently maintains in her teaching has strengthened my body, mind and spirit.  – Paul E. 

Kris is a lovely yoga teacher. She reminds you to take time each day to practice, to breathe, and to take time for yourself. Her style is gentle yet strong. Each time I walk away feeling refreshed, relaxed and grateful.

– Stevie K.