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Yoga for a Good Night – A Lovely Practice to Help You Sleep Well

Yoga-for-Good-Night-ThumbnailAt the request of two very special students, I have created “Yoga for a Good Night”, a video practice intended to help you sleep well.   Together we’ll slip into a state of non-doing, learning ways to calm and quiet the mind.  The practice will end with a guided relaxation intended to lull your nervous system into a state of rest.  This is my first try at a longer video practice that is available as a digital download for purchase, and I’m pretty stoked about it.


So if you need help with your zzz’s, please visit my shop to purchase the practice.  And if the price is too steep, I’ve got you.  Try listening to this free guided meditation in your favorite relaxation position, like Vipariti Karani or Legs-up-the-Wall – no idea what that means, learn here.


For my Chicago folks, I’m also leading a special 90-minute workshop called Yoga for Insomnia: Improve the Quality and Quantity of your Sleep on Sunday, December 21st.  Give yourself the gift of sleep.  It’s kind of a necessity.  Head here for more details and to sign-up.


As always, feel free to reach out with any questions or feedback.  I love hearing from you!


With love,

Kris Moon

Yoga for Insomnia Chicago Workshop – Learn How to Sleep Better

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Join me for a special 90-minute Yoga for Insomnia workshop.
Do you struggle with falling asleep?  Do you wake up in the middle of the night and are unable to fall back asleep?  You are not alone.  About 60 million Americans a year experience insomnia frequently or for extended periods of time.  A study at Harvard Medical School found that Yoga improved sleep quantity and quality.  If you are someone who could benefit from improved sleep quantity and quality, please consider joining me for this special workshop.


We will discuss the root causes of insomnia and how to address them through Yoga principles and practices.  You will have time to personally explore what you learn and create a bedtime Yoga practice that addresses your individual needs.  You will also take home:
  • A set sequence of asana (yoga postures) for insomnia.
  • Breathing techniques that quiet the mind and calm the nervous system.  
  • Lifestyle choices that support sleep. 
  • Inspiration and encouragement.
No experience necessary.  $45 Guests // $30 Health Club Members & Residents 

Please register with Caroline Rawlings at // Make a Self-care Sunday out of it. Access to The Spa at Trump amenities, including sauna, steam room, relaxation lounge and heated pool are included with registration.